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Frequently Asked Questions

Daytime guests are always welcome so long as they are accompanied by a member. We ask that they vacate the premises by 10 pm.

If you are in a shared room, you may not have any overnight guests.

You may have a guest stay with you IN YOUR ROOM for 3 consecutive nights/4 days. Upon the 4th night, we ask that you inform the Booking manager and we will ask for a minimal payment (much much cheaper than a motel room). Upon the 4th night, we will charge $100 for all four nights, and then for each night after that an additional $25.

For example, If Erin has her boyfriend come for the weekend, arriving Friday and leaving Monday, there is no charge. If however her boyfriend stays until Tuesday, there will be a $100 charge. If he stays for the week, arriving Friday and leaving the following Friday, there will be $175 charge altogether ($25×7 nights=$175).

If a guest should stay much longer than a week, we are going to have to make them a Visiting Member and charges will be applied based on how long the member’s guest is staying. Visiting members are not required to be accompanied by the member to whom they are a Guest.

Mixing of genders is handled on a case by case basis. We will inform the current residents of the shared room if they mind having a mixed gender scenario, and we ask the incoming member as well. If everyone agrees, it’s fine by us. If not, we ask the incoming member to accept a private room instead.

Overnight guests in shared rooms are prohibited.

Welcome to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, where the girls are vastly outnumbered. Currently we house females altogether out of 30+ rooms and 42 members.

There is a very limited amount of extra space to store your stuff, such as luggage, that doesn’t fit in your bedroom. If you need space, talk to the community manager and we will try and accommodate you, but please be aware, some houses have very little storage space and for those that do have the space, it is at our discretion that we allow you to use them. Help yourself by packing light.

Yes! Just inform the community manager before checking in so we don’t make the bed. Also note it in the check-in/check-out form so there’s no discrepancies upon checking out and you don’t get charged.

If there is a fireplace in your house/room it is purely for decoration. Please do NOT light any fires in it! Candles are also prohibited on our premises for safety purposes.

We differentiate event categories: Member-to-Member events take place every day or whenever a community member is organizing something. Whether it’s an after-work thing, weekend brunch, or a trip to Yosemite. Additionally, Bed|n|Build organizes community, educational, and networking events regularly. The exact number of events depends on a variety of factors, but we aim to host at least one event per month.

While we try our best to include all members in most events, some may be more exclusive and limited to a certain number of participants.

Yes. At Bed|n|Build we organize events for our members. These can be a valuable platform for you to present your company, demo your product, talk about an exciting topic and area of your expertise that our members are interested in learning more about. Also, we can write a blog post featuring you, your startup, project, or whatever you are building. Talk to us about it, send an email to:

Yes. However, membership extensions always depend on room availability and are not guaranteed. Even though it may still be possible, Bed|n|Build recommends that you do not wait until the very last minute, but let us know as much in advance as possible. We always try to keep our current members part of the community. To keep membership fees as low as possible, however, we also need to make sure not to have any rooms empty and if we don’t know about your plan to extend, we’ll sign up a new member for your room. The good news is that we have multiple locations in the SF area and will work with you to keep you in your room, your house, or one of the houses depending on the availability.

In a nutshell, you have the same responsibilities as those you’d have when sharing a house with your friends or siblings. You are required to respect the other members and their privacy and contribute to keeping the communal spaces organized and tidy  so that everyone can enjoy the co-living experience we are providing. Respecting quiet hours, clean up after yourself, taking trash out or emptying the dishwasher are some examples of everyday responsibilities. With help of previous members, Bed|n|Build has developed a Community Guideline to support a common understanding for everyone and hold members by the same standard. You are also solely responsible to maintain your bedroom. We love members who keep things clean, and we provide all the supplies/tools to do so.

At our Noe Valley location we do have a garage that can accomodate 2 smaller vehicles or 1 larger vehicle for a monthly fee. Please speak to the booking manager if you’d like to utilize this secure parking. At our Bed|n|Build Royale location, onsite parking is available for those who have it in their agreement. Our Guerrero and Nob Hill locations have limited street parking and it is highly recommended if you come to stay at these homes that you come without a vehicle. Also, please be aware, these locations are very walking/biking friendly to where a vehicle is hardly necessary unless you want to get out of town for the weekend, in which case several car rental options are available.