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Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to submit a reservation request. Upon reviewing your request, we will get in touch with you and let you know what locations, categories and membership levels we have available for your requested dates.

Select your home of choice and click the button “Inquire Availability” underneath the information. Fill in the form and click submit.

Depending on what time we receive your request, we get back to you right away and no later than 24 hours after having received your inquiry.

The Membership Fee depends on the selected room category. Depending on the specific homes, Bed|n|Build offers shared rooms, private rooms, private suites or studios. Think of room categories as categories at car rental companies. Each category offers comparable car or room for that matter, but doesn’t allow you to pick a specific make. The homes are organized in the following room categories:

Room Categories:

Category A: Shared room for 4 members

Category B: Shared room for 2 members

Category C: Private room with twin bed (sleeps one)

Category D : Private room with full size bed (sleeps one or two)

Category E : Premium private room with full size bed (sleeps one or two)

Category F: Private studio with bathroom and kitchenette (sleeps up to three)

We do not have a limitation on the maximum duration of a stay or membership. For members who would like to stay long-term, it is common practice to start with a three to six months membership and then extend.

Bed|n|Build is about community and building relationships and a network. It’s not a hotel in which strangers come and go. Therefore, we do not accept any memberships shorter than 30 days and give preference to members that want to stay longer term.

No, unfortunately not. Bed|n|Build is a co-living community and other members may be allergic.

Yes, of course! If you can provide sufficient documentation we will accommodate you and your service animal.

Our houses are the homes of our members. Therefore, we cannot offer “tours” through them. Imagine yourself living there shortly. Would you appreciate it if strangers walk through every day? Please review our website to see pictures and explanation of the houses.

No, we do not accept anyone to join our community without having had the chance to get to know her/him specifically.

Yes. Either you agree to the terms and conditions on AirBnB or you sign a membership agreement that outlines the framework of your stay with us directly.

At Bed|n|Build, we are a co-living community. Everyone who stays with us becomes a member of our community. Members are not considered guests or tenants. Members are expected to benefit from and contribute to the community as a whole. Once you move out, you are invited to join our Alumni group and remain connected and active.

Bed|n|Build is not about tenants and lease agreements, but about community members and membership agreements. After you submitted your inquiry, we will check if we can offer what you are looking for and send you a membership agreement. We reserve the room for you for 24 hours. During that time, we expect you to make a decision on whether you’d like to become a member, sign the membership agreement, and make payment of the security deposit. If we do not hear back, we release the room and make it available to other inquiries again. Our membership agreements run for a minimum of one month (30 days) and always start on the 1st or the 15th of a month.

There are different ways of benefiting from our community, here you can find some of them:

– Get written about on our Blog;
– Use our hashtag #BEDNBUILD on Instagram and get featured on our social media;
– Tell us about yourself and have the chance to become the featured member of the month;
– Have the opportunity to attend exclusive events within and beyond Bed|n|Build’s Community;
– Leverage our events, website or the community to promote your project, company, or thought leadership;
– Demonstrate your leadership and collaborate with us as a House Manager.

Please also check out our Community page to find more information.

The membership fee varies depending on factors like location, room category, duration of membership, season, and others. A longer-term stay throughout winter in a shared room is the most budget friendly membership.

The membership fee covers the cost for your room, utilities, Internet, scheduled professional cleaning of all communal spaces, house supplies, community management, event organization, and more.

Bed|n|Build Royale is the only home that is treated differently and members pay an additional fee on top of their membership to cover and share costs of utilities.

We cater to a variety of people from within the broader startup and innovation ecosystem. This includes entrepreneurs and other hustlers, hackers and engineers, designers, interns, corporate folks (yes, you Facebook, and Google guys fall into this category;-) and we even have an investor stay with us from time to time.

All homes usually have a mix of long-term, anchor members and shorter term members that only stay for a few months. The shortest possible membership is one month, but we have members that have been staying with us for a year or even two. Many of our members return and some enjoy moving from one of our homes and neighborhoods to another.

Bed|n|Build offers a variety of Membership levels. These primarily depend on the room category you choose.

Members that stay in a private room can have guests stay for up to three nights. For any visitors staying longer than that, e.g. extended stays from a team member or spouse, Bed|n|Build offers a “Visiting Membership” for an additional fee.

The awesome thing about living in a Bed|n|Build house is that we provide you with all the basic necessities. We want to allow our members to live in a distraction free environment so you can do what you came to SF to do instead of worrying about running out of toilet paper.

Your primary contact for everything related to your reservation, booking, or membership is the booking manger. You can always contact him by email and once you have become a member, by Slack or phone.