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How Not To Have a Mental Breakdown Moving To The San Francisco Bay Area 101

Published on 04/11/2018 by BednBuild

If you have been inspired by the creative and unique energy in Silicon Valley and the vast opportunities the many remarkable startups, big corporations and individuals have to offer – you are not the only one.

Finding a job, uprooting your life and making the move to a new city without knowing your new territory and being outside of your comfort zone can be extremely stressful and problematic. Not to mention – thriving in a new work place and career can be dull without a home to unwind in and friendly faces to socialize with outside of work.

Unless you were born in the vibrant and energetic San Francisco Bay Area, a move here might seem dreadful logistically as well as financially. You might ask yourself which neighborhood is best to move to, where the best happy hours are and which apartments are best to spend all your savings on while committing to a standard year lease. All of this while either hauling all your belongings over here right away or buying a brand new household. With all these things to coordinate you are likely to arrive burned out and in need of an all inclusive island vacation.

To simplify all of these issues and make your transition as comfortable as possible there is us – BednBuild. We are here to provide you with all tools you need to start building your life and career in the bay area. Whether in Silicon Valley or in the heart of San Francisco, we have many spot for you to choose from!

Our houses are unique, we are not just properties with temporary leases by the room, we are a family and network – a place where entrepreneurial minds can come together and help each other achieve. We handle all the nuisances of being someplace new, and provide you with a conducive environment to focus and thrive in. We are here for you, so you can focus all your energy on the more important or fun aspects of your journey.

We are hackers, designers and entrepreneurs, and we are all here to help each other, whether help is advice on how to fix a bug on the new website you are creating for your company, or a recommendation for the best taco Tuesday spot in the area – that is entirely up to you.

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