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How Tech Lives in San Francisco

Published on 11/09/2018 by BednBuild

Bed|n|Build is featured on San Francisco’s Curbed as one of many innovative housing alternatives in the bay area.

One of the most daunting aspects of moving to the Bay area, whether for tech or otherwise, is facing the reality of its housing crisis. Shortages, astronomical prices and less value for your buck is what you will most likely face. Even with a three figure salary – securing your own apartment can seem like a financial stretch.

According to Curbed: “The idea of communal living may bring to mind a group of idealistic flower children solving the world’s problems over lentils and kombucha—and, indeed, co-ops are still going strong in the Bay Area.”

We are flattered of our mention as one of San Francisco’s most convenient and flexible alternatives to traditional housing.

Co-living offers many benefits to brand new as well as long-term residents. The convenience of zero physical baggage offers a certain degree of flexibility that enables members to live an extremely rare degree of freedom and focus on what is important.

Head on over to Curbed and check out this insightful article.

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