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How your Bed|n|Build experience differs from your typical Airbnb experience

Published on 10/21/2018 by BednBuild

We gotta talk, for real.
Bed|n|Build and Airbnb – We might both be BnB for short – but we are very different.

Airbnb is a revolutionary worldwide platform connecting people looking to rent their homes with people looking for accomodations. In addition, to simplify and secure this process- they handle all payments and communications that go along with it.

Here at Bed|n|Build, we appreciate and utilize Airbnb as an additional tool to our website to help you guys find us, however we are not your typical Airbnb property..

We provide you with everything a typical Airbnb would – a clean, furnished home and room with all the supplies necessary to get started in your new home, minus the hands-on host.

The house you will be living in is a flourishing community of movers, shakers and unique professionals all in the area to accomplish a professional goal. There will not be a helicopter host watching your every move who’s there 24/7. The home is self-managed and cleaned weekly – nonetheless there are necessary measures that need to be taken between cleanings to maintain the cleanliness of your home and be respectful to your housemates- such as taking care of your own dishes and taking the trash out – the easy stuff.

That being said – now you know what to expect – we can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our community!

The Bed|n|Build Team

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