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Revolutionizing 3D Printing Software

Published on 04/11/2018 by BednBuild

When Aleksander Ciszek’s, Co-founder of 3YOURMIND, friend and co-founder sent him an article regarding 3D printing, he didn’t know very much about it. Now, a couple of years later he is the CEO and co-founder of his successful startup 3YOURMIND, revolutionizing the 3D printing production process with his software for large manufacturing companies worldwide. After successfully gaining a significant presence in europe and participating in an accelerator program in the San Francisco Bay area, it became apparent that their software could help U.S. companies become more efficient in their production process, and concurrently revolutionize the market.

As the manufacturing industry in the US is dispersed throughout the U.S., It was a big question whether 3YOURMIND should have their U.S. presence specifically in Silicon Valley. According to Aleksander: “All major companies have their research and innovation labs here, the whole world is coming here for meetings and there are a lot of investors in the valley, which makes this a great place to search for them.” After making the decision to expand to San Francisco, Aleks and his team travelled back and forth frequently, and were in need of a flexible accommodation. Through a referral, he heard of Bed|n|Build and was intrigued by its unique co-living concept and sense of community.

Since 2016, Aleks has been a frequently returning member at the Bed|n|Build Noe Valley house, ‘What is amazing is that every time I come here, there are new Inspirational people to meet, and the concept offers a lot of flexibility and convenience, I can leave and come whenever I need to.” Aleksander elaborates that it makes his life as an entrepreneur easier, not having to worry about all the administrative nuisances and having everything ready for you when you arrive.

Busy traveling and growing his company- which recently received $12 million USD in funding and is also expanding its presence to Asia- Aleks says he is always happy when he gets back to the Bed|n|Build Noe Valley house, because the house is always the same, but the people and the energy is completely different every time. We asked Aleks why specifically he chooses to stay at the Noe Valley house when returning to Bed|n|Build and he says it is for many reasons – the view from his balcony, the neighborhood, the convenience of available parking and its central location, far enough to escape the busy downtown yet close enough to be there for a meeting in just a couple of minutes.

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